Top 10 Fastest Internet Browsers 2013

Nowadays, many people spend most of their time on a computer on the internet. Studies have shown a thirty-seven percent increase in the time Americans spent on social networking sites alone, amounting to a total of 121 billion minutes. People catch up on news and current events online, listen to music online, watch movies online; this is why a good browser can really change your day-to-day experience. Here are ten of the fastest and most popular internet browsers nowadays.

Avant Browser 3.61

  • Avant Browser 2012 build 193
    Good: Can do pretty much everything an average computer use would have a browser do, speed is acceptable.
    Bad: May experience compatibility problems with some newer programs.

SeaMonkey 2.6.1

  • SeaMonkey 2.14.1
    Good: In addition to browsing, can also email and chat.
    Bad: Not so okay on the speed, and the UI is somewhat old-fashioned.

Deepnet Explorer 1.5

  • Deepnet Explorer 1.5.3
    Good: Speed is decent, although not the best.
    Bad: Low on security features that have become staple with most better browsers.

Safari 5.1.2

  • Safari 6.0.2
    Good: Easy to use, especially on a Mac, good security, claimed by developers to be better than FF or I.E.
    Bad: May experience some compatibility problems, and isn’t customization-friendly.


  • RockMelt
    Good: Enhances the social media and networking experience.
    Bad: If you don’t use social media, or don’t (want to) spend hours on it, there are much better options.

Maxthon 4

  • Maxthon 4
    Good: Good design. Very easy to tweak to suit your preferences.
    Bad: No domain highlighting, and a few other common features, but no biggie.

Opera 11.6

  • Opera 12.12
    Good: One of the fastest browsers available nowadays.
    Bad: May conflict with other programs and certain file types.

Internet Explorer 10

  • Internet Explorer 10
    Good: Comes with Windows 8, and is a vast improvement over the I.E. that many came to hate. All I.E. versions combined have the largest user base of any browser.
    Bad: Not all Flash is supported (“Metro” version for Windows 8).Firefox


  • Firefox 17.0.1
    Good: Easy to use, good security features, and very fast. Very customizable.
    Bad: Simultaneous use of different user profiles a bit more tweaking than the average user profile is capable of.


  • Google Chrome 23
    Good: Very fast, excellent security features. A multitude of other features for both advanced and beginner users.
    Bad: No parental control options. If you’re paranoid of “the Man” (Google) tracking you, better not use this.
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